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Faith on Fire

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Wearing God – Images of God

“I changed when my image of God changed. Most of us realize that we become like our parents, whom from early on we adore, even with all their faults. We may not realize that we also become like the God we adore.” ¬† Dennis Linn

During this retreat we will spend time discovering our images of God the we have developed from childhood and on into adulthood. Some are healthy and others not so much.

We will look into the images found in the Bible and the wondrous image of the invisible God that Jesus has given us.

Sessions include:

  • Discovering unhealthy images of God
  • New images of God
  • Old images of God
  • Why is it important to change some images of God?
  • What image does Jesus give us of God?
  • A simple way to change our image of God.