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In 1801 in a small house on Cabot Street, several families decided to establish the Third Congregational Church of Beverly. By 1802 the original 7 members had been joined by a group of 50 people from the First Church in Beverly. First Church had recently become Unitarian and these were members who wanted to worship in a church that recognized Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

This merger resulted in the construction of the meeting house of the third Congregational Church which was located on the present site of our church at 10 Dane Street. The church flourished throughout the early decades of the 19th century. The only major reversal was the destruction by fire of the original meeting house in 1832. In 1833 funds were raised for the construction of the present meeting house at a cost of $10,000.

By 1837 the congregation had voted to change the name of the church from the Third to Dane Street Congregational Church. From that point onward the Dane Street congregation moved ahead with the guidance and blessings of God.

Dane Street Church maintains its tradition of holding fast to the orthodox faith found in the Creeds and Holy Scriptures. Today, Dane Street Church continues to be a witness in the city of Beverly and beyond. The church has experienced a large influx of young adults who have moved into the community and as the city changes and grows so does our congregation.

As the needs of the community change, new ministries continue to blossom at Dane St Church and we trust that God has even greater things for us in the future!